Homeowners are always looking for easy to conserve water usage in the home. One of the best easiest ways to do this is to install efficient toilets and showerheads.

To conserve water usage in the home, the following systems can be installed :

  1. Install dual-flush toilets. Dual-flush  are becoming more and more popular in homes in the U.S. These toilets have been known to reduce the consumption of water by an additional 30%
  2. Switch to low-flow showerheads. Different flow rates can be considered. Look for one that even allows you to pause the water while showering. Perhaps when you’re in the middle of getting all lathered up. 
  3. Add, low-flow toilets. Did you know that toilets consume 30% to 40% of the total water used in homes? They are the biggest water user in the entire home. Conserve water by replacing the older 3.5-gallon toilet with a newer and more modern, 1.6-gallon toilet. You can usually look for the marking 1.6 GPF on the inside of the tank or the bowl behind the seat.  
  4. Consider vacuum-assist toilets. This kind of toilet has a vacuum chamber that uses a siphon action. It sucks air from the trap beneath the bowl, allowing it to quickly fill with water to clear waste. Additionally, vacuum-assist toilets are relatively quiet when flushed.  

It’s always a good idea to conserve water usage at home. When you can do it yourself it’s even better.