There’s nothing like a relaxing retreat right at home. Turning your bathroom into a spa sanctuary is easier than you think. It starts with a few easy tricks to make this space feel more like a spa.

  • Display some plants and greenery. Choose scents that relax like lavender and eucalyptus. Hanging fresh eucalyptus in the shower provides a spa experience.
  • Choose a bamboo bathmat. Fabric bathmats can get damp and moldy. A nice wooden mat feels fresh and makes this space feel more spa-like.
  • Have an assortment of the scented candles displayed in the bathroom. Again look for and choose scents that are relaxing and spa-like.
  • Place a small stool or wooden stand near the shower. The stool can be used to display white crisp towels rolled perfectly. It looks like a spa but it will also provide a close towel nearby.
  • Hang a shower curtain that is very minimal fresh and gives the space a clean feeling. White linen always looks amazingly spa-like.

Just a few suggestions on creating a luxurious spa like space at home. Introduce some of these tips to your bathroom today.

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