Almost everywhere you look homeowners are installing security camera doorbells. It’s a popular trend because they are actually quite easy to install on your own. Let’s consider a few quick and easy tips on how to install a security camera doorbell.

There are some basic tools that you’ll need to do this yourself. Make sure you have a screwdriver and some pliers, and perhaps a drill. Next, and most importantly shut off the power before you install the doorbell.  

The first thing you want to do is go ahead and remove the existing doorbell button. Next, you want to detach the home wiring from the doorbell and pull out some additional wire very carefully.

There is a mounting bracket that will come with the new wireless doorbell. Mount the bracket, and then after your bracket is properly mounted attach your home wires to the new video doorbell. There should be two terminals on the back of the new wireless doorbell that connects the wiring. Connect the wiring and then you can mount the camera doorbell to the mounting bracket.

Everything looks good and the new wireless doorbell is mounted properly. It’s time to test it. You can now turn the power back on. Now it’s time to check the new doorbell set up. Typically it should light up and you can pair it with the app on your phone. Perfect job!