Mold and moisture – they really do go hand in hand. In fact, moisture control is considered the single most important factor in controlling mold in the home. You could have all the right conditions for mold growth – but without adequate moisture – mold can’t grow. So we can see that moisture control really is mold control.

So what are some things we can do to make sure we control the moisture in our home – and thus control the mold in our homes and have clean air? Here are a few suggestions:

1: use a dehumidifier. This may seem simple (and it is) but if the humidity in the air is above 60%, mold can grow on surfaces in less than 48 hours.

2: Make repairs quickly. We know we are all busy, but getting to that leaky sink on Saturday instead of today could mean the difference between clean air or a mold issue in your home.

3: Keep your roof in good repair. Before a roof ever springs a leak, have it regularly checked and maintained so that unseen leaks don’t continue without our knowlege.

4: keep the hot tub outside. An increasing number of households are putting hot tubs in their homes. They even sell inflatable “indoor” hot tubs for this very purpose. Let’s just say this isn’t a great idea

5: Keep the plants to a minimum. We all love plants, but a garden’s worth in our home that all need watering can make for a lot of moisture and humidity in the air.